Digital Badges for Web-based Teaching

The idea of receiving recognition for accomplishments is core to the educational system and part of human nature. Beginning with stars on task based charts teachers let students know where they are going in their learning, what they have done, and how well they did. Extending into post-secondary education, graduates take pride in their diplomas certificates.

In web-based teaching badges may be utilized as they were in the paper world. OpenBadges ( provide online services to allow the issuing, displaying, and recording of badges in a wide variety of educational environments. An Executive Summary, (2013), considering Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities Through Digital Badges ( provides a concise description of the use of badges in education. Using digital badges for web-based teaching can provide both the teacher and the student a platform for course evaluation.

A good example of digital badges in adult education for web-based courses provided by Coursera is the Authorized IBM Digital Badge Issuer (

Microsoft also supports digital badges ( as does Google. That these computer companies see badges as important in education is a clear indicator that teachers should take advantage of the technology.

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