Webex Conferencing

At the university I support Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students to use Webex for Web Conferencing.

Educators and students are seeing the value of teaching classes, having guest presenters, and having meetings through web based conferencing as is indicated by the increase in usage of this platform.

There are many advantages available through web conferencing such as allowing more convenient access to training, removing travel time for distance meetings and presentations, and the ability to record sessions for future use and viewing.

To support Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students learning and using Webex at the University of Lethbridge the following resources are availble:

  • A one-hour presentation lecture providing an overview of what Webex is and does (this presentation is provided as a course offered through Information Technology and can be provided for custom group requests and as a timed event at departmental meetings)
  • A two-hour hands-on class teaching actual Webex use offered for Faculty, Staff, and graduate students
  • Presentations for Faculties and/or Departments regarding use of Webex for specific use such as distance education undergraduate or graduate courses
  • One-on-one training sessions, typically for graduate students who want to use Webex to have remote committee members attend their thesis defense virtually
  • Documents for Webex are available on the U of L Sharepoint server and I can provide you the link
  • Learn Webex through this on-line, Web-Based Learning Course

For support in the above services you may:

  • Contact me directly by email, phone, or text (john.walkey@uleth.ca   [403.593.8277])
  • Watch the U of L Notice Board for a list of Course offering (https://www.uleth.ca/notice) and the digital signage at the university campus
  • Find a course list at Information Technology Website (https://www.uleth.ca/information-technology/training)
  • Join my Twitter Chat Session (please email me for information on upcoming sessions) #ULWebex
  • You may do a Webex test with your peers but you may also schedule a live Webex session with me so that I can help you with using the program
  • Please test Webex by connecting to me or a peer and if you have questions email me about any specific issues as I may have some ideas about any issues you may have

The following short videos and PDF document materials are designed to assist participants to learn basic Webex use as a web conferencing tool. Please work through these lessons, top down, to get the basics of using Webex.

Topic Video Topic PDF
Types of Video Conferencing Three Common Conferencing Technologies
Why Use Webex Why Use Webex
Information to Gather for a Meeting Information to Gather for a Meeting
Creating a Meeting Now Creating a Meeting Now
Scheduling a Meeting Scheduling a Meeting
Video Camera Setup Video Camera Setup
Sound Setup Sound Setup
Supporting Remote Participants Supporting Remote Participants

The best way to learn a computer program is to use it! Your evaluation, the test of your knowledge, is to do a Webex session; make the audio and video work, pass the ball to make another person the presenter, share your screen, add another person to an on-going session, record the session. If you can do these activities, then you can use Webex. Please note below some Additional Subject Material resources to enhance how you use Webex.

Additional Subject Materials:

  • Sharing the screen
  • Changing Presenters
  • Controlling Active Speaker
  • Using the Whiteboard
  • Recording a Meeting
  • Converting and Editing Webex Video
  • Using Webex for Teleconferencing
  • Using Polling in Webex
  • Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

As the University of Lethbridge manages and maintains its own Webex server you will find YouTube videos are not applicable to how our Webex works.