Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy knowledge should include information about major historical events in the evolution of digital technology. I think Digital Literacy includes knowledge of hardware as well as software and applications. Literate people should have general knowledge of the various companies in the computer world. To be literate people should know how programming works to understand what digital technology can and can’t do (Rushkoff, 2010). I also think, to be literate, people need to know more than just the basics but use the digital tools at a more intermediate level.

Today most people think of Digital Literacy as related to the use of the Internet, and portable technologies like cell phones. As an educator I was impressed by the description of Digital Literacy by Dowd, 2017, Skills for Today: Digital Literacy & The Importance of the 4Cs in a Global Context. Dowd discusses the 4-C’s of Digital Literacy: Thinking Critically about information found on the World Wide Web, utilizing web tools creatively, communicating in productive ways and collaborating with a sense of social conscience.

Rushkoff, D. (2010). Program or be programmed: Ten commands for a digital age. New York: OR Books.>

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